Who said we should Drink Eight Glasses of Water a Day?

Who said we should drink eight glasses of water a day?

Who said we should drink eight glasses of water a day? I hear this all the time. Who decided that the figure should be set at eight glasses and not ten or twelve glasses. Why not six. After all, “those in the know” fail to mention how big or small the glasses should be. Why then don’t they tell us to drink one, two or three litres of water instead. Would that not make better sense? Please also read my other article related to water called – Let’s Talk Water.

Whatever the explanation may or may not be, it’s an unfounded myth that simply won’t go away. But for some strange reason, this tradition seems to have passed down from one individual to another without question. Almost everyone I talk to has the opinion that there’s an undeniable need to drink lots of water every day for maximum health, yet there’s no scientific explanation whatsoever to back it up.  We’ve also been told that our bodies are made up of around 75% liquid, so why would we need to add more water.

No one knows who started the eight glass saga or where it might have come from. Nevertheless, most of us just go along with this unsupported advice and that’s the end of it. Why is it that doctors and health practitioners promote the notion that drinking such large quantities are good for you.

What most people are unaware of, in denial or just plain ignorant, and that is, we get a lot of “water” from the food we eat. Most of the food we eat contains water in some form or another. Just about all food categories contain water and are broken down chemically into carbon dioxide and more water. So if you are not sweating up a storm in the Sahara Desert, there is no need to drink so much water every day.

Besides all this daily water drinking madness, I have seen some of my friends drink up to ten beers on a night out at the local pub. One even drank twenty beers before he went down with alcohol poisoning a couple of years later.

So I have to ask myself – are these guys really thirsty or are they simply trying to drown themselves, be it because they are celebrating a happy occasion or they are suffering a miscarriage of justice? Or is it that they are bragging that they can drink more than most. Haven’t they heard that less is more?

Drink when you are Thirsty

Who said we should drink eight glasses of water a day?

And all this drinking just makes you want to go to the loo more than you should. Nothing else. Not only that but all the good you got from whatever it was that you were drinking, has now gone down the toilet. Minerals, trace elements and the lot.

What if I told you that you should not go to the loo to pee more than three times a day. Any more than that, you are drinking way too much liquid. Go once in the morning when you get up, then again later in the day and lastly, just before you go to bed. There’s really no need to go more than that.

If you ever wake up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet, then you are drinking too much. And for all you guys out there, if this is happening on a regular basis, you might want to have your prostate checked out.

Another way to look at it is that your body actually tells you when you are thirsty or hungry, just the way it tells you when you need to go to the toilet. But that doesn’t mean that you should drink for the sake of drinking or eat for the sake of eating. So the moral of the story – Eat only when you’re hungry and drink only when you’re genuinely thirsty.  Let your body do the talking.

Besides, have you any idea what happens to your kidneys when you drink too much liquid, be it water, beer or coffee. If not, I suggest you take the sponge test. That’s the one you might use to cleanse yourself in the shower or bathtub. Once the sponge is full of water, placing it under a free flowing tap, will just be a complete waste of time and energy. What it does prove is that once full, there’s no room for anymore. Your kidneys are just like that of a sponge and once full, why would you want to pour more liquid into them. You would only be doing yourself and your kidneys a “grave” injustice.

One theory that comes to mind as to why there is all this talk about drinking more water than is absolutely necessary is because of the bad quality of food people choose to eat and then the need to flush it out with water so as not to clog up the small and large intestines. The trouble is that two wrongs don’t make a right.

If you are eating fresh fruit and a lot of vegetables and getting enough fibre in your diet, there is no need to drink anywhere near eight glasses of water – big or small. Eat sensibly and you may never have to worry about drinking water ever again. Your body will tell you when you next need to drink some water.

This Youngster is Thirsty


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