Are we eating and drinking all the wrong food?

 Are we eating and drinking all the wrong food?

The time has come for us to think out of the box if we have

any hope of living a long and healthy life free of disease

How many of us really know that we are eating and drinking all the wrong food?  Not only do we get to enjoy eating food but we can also get a lot of pleasure from drinking our food too. In this article, I’ll explain why we’ve got it all wrong and what we need to do to change all that. In the meantime, you might want to grab yourself a cup of green tea because this could take some time. Oh! and skip the milk and sugar. If you need to sweeten your tea, put a little raw honey in the cup and if you like, grate some fresh ginger. All good things for you. And that’s just for starters.

You’ll also note that I reframe from using the word “diet” in this article simply because, in order to live a healthy lifestyle by eating and drinking the right food, we don’t need to be on any diet. In fact, the very word “diet” is mostly synonymous with losing weight and not necessarily about the healthy foods we should be consuming. We only need to go on a diet if we want to lose weight but we also need to choose the right kind of food, not only to lose the weight but also to live a healthy lifestyle free of all the dreadful diseases that have plagued the human race for centuries.

Isn’t it strange that we put so much trust in our doctors, yet a lot of general practitioners are the very people keeping us in this dreadful state? And there are also some doctors who blatantly kill off their patients. Take, for instance, Dr Harold Shipman, a British general practitioner who went on to murder fifteen patients and subsequently became the most prolific serial killer in British history. And before that, there was Dr Josef Mengele, a German doctor and infamous Nazi war criminal, also known as the “Angel of Death”. God knows how many people he put to death during his reign of terror. And the list goes on. Let’s hope you don’t get to meet any doctors like these guys.

Don’t forget to eat your Veggies

Why do we put our trust in doctors when there are natural cures?

So why is it that we put so much trust our doctors? Are they really looking after our interests or are they simply killing us slowly with highly toxic substances that we as laymen know next to nothing about? What we should actually be doing is taking responsibility for what we put in our mouths in order to live a healthy life free of disease.

Yes, there are many great doctors involved in saving lives with surgery, much of it avoidable by eating the right stuff and some of it as a direct result of various tragic circumstances. But does it ever occurred to us that when the human species is diagnosed with a dread disease such as cancer or heart complications and that person succumbs from that very disease, on the death certificate it says that that person died of natural causes? Cancer, as well as other kinds of dread diseases, are not natural causes of death. Yes, we all have to go someday just like all living creatures, but to leave this world having fallen victim to the effects of a dread disease is not at all natural.

And why is it only now that when a dread disease has raised its ugly head, our doctor, family members and friends urge us to change our “diet” when it’s possible we’ve been harbouring that very same disease for many years, if not decades. All it takes is time and plenty of it for a dread disease to manifest itself and mostly without any significant warning sign. That is until the alarm goes off and the pain is absolutely unbearable.

How many of us wake up in the morning with an alarm clock doing its thing and then what is the first thing we do to make it all go away? We simply switch it off and go back to sleep, hopefully, for a few minutes more. The same can be said for a headache. We simply switch off a headache with a painkiller and all is so much better. Well, it’s actually not. It’s not better because we are killing the very thing that’s telling us that something more important is taking place in our body. Like a disease, that’s about to alter our lives.

But who cares, the painkiller sorted all that out. Or did it? Why do we continue to fool ourselves? A headache is actually a means of informing us that our body is unwell and urgently needs a fix. Painkillers only subdue the symptoms but it certainly doesn’t eradicate the real cause. This is serious stuff and we shouldn’t simply let it go. It’s a warning sign telling us that a real change is needed to fix the problem and not just by taking a painkiller or two.

There’s a good chance that our headache came about because we are eating and drinking all the wrong foods. We might think we’re eating healthily but our disease is directly linked to the food we eat and drink. if we haven’t already, we need to change our lifestyles.

Vegetables we should be eating and drinking

 We have been eating and drinking the wrong foods for decades

Humans have been eating all the wrong foods for decades and that’s why they are succumbing to dread diseases like cancer and heart conditions. We started off life by eating sea vegetables and now we consume so much toxic waste such as meat products and processed food with dangerously high levels of the worst kinds of chemicals. In order for us to prosper disease-free, we need the right chemical compounds. There are only a few food sources humans should be eating and they are foods such as vegetables (including sea vegetables), fruits, nuts, legumes, miso and whole grains like brown rice, steel-cut oats and millet. Meat and meat products, unfortunately, are not for us.

For three simple reasons – One is that most of the teeth in our mouth are for grinding and chewing and not for tearing and swallowing. We simply cannot grind and chew meat. And are we aware that food such as chicken as well as eggs are not necessarily a good food source for humans and shouldn’t be consumed on a regular basis? Besides, most of the chicken we buy in supermarkets are genetically modified. Have you ever questioned why Kentucky Fried Chicken had to simplify their name to just KFC? That’s because they cannot carry the word “chicken” in their slogan because it’s not real chicken we’re eating. Again the chicken they fry comes from a GMO source.

And what about the beef we have been eating that comes from cows that are not grass-fed. Does anyone remember when Europe was plagued with “Mad Cow Disease” During the cold winters those cows were fed animal carcases that were ground up into pellet form?  It’s not natural for cows to eat their own kind. They should be eating plant-based food and the same goes for us.

Number two – We have a long intestine similar to that of most herbivores and there is a need to get the waste product out as cleanly and quickly as possible. Meat products linger in our system four times longer than that of plant-based foods. This allows for diseases to gain momentum. Cows also have a long intestine and we all know what they should be eating. To maintain a long and prosperous life we all need and must eat plant-based food for a healthy existence.

Number Three: We do not have any claws on the end of our paws. Our hand as we call them are for picking fruit and vegetables and not for actually catching and attacking animals. It’s become convenient for humans to simply go to the local supermarket and purchase meat products so as not to get their hands dirty. Why then does the human race not bypass the supermarket and go directly to a place where animals are slaughtered. No, that would be inhumane.

Fruit we should be eating and drinking

 The most intelligent living creatures have got it all wrong

The biggest problem is that we, the human race continue to eat and drink all the wrong foods. We are supposed to be the most intelligent species on the planet, but somewhere along the road, we have gone completely off course. Is it not questionable the animals that roam free in the forest and open plains are far more intelligent than we are? We tend to move around the planet by emotion and not logic. I’m of the opinion that the human species make most of their decisions based solely on about 20% logic and 80% emotion. Perhaps someone out there can enlighten me.

Don’t just take my word for it, just take a look at any car commercial or a Levi Jeans commercial featuring sultry girls revealing bare flat stomachs. The whole point of these commercials is to sell plenty of products that their very best marketing teams can come up with. They are all based on 80% emotion and 20% logic and this is all brought about because advertising agencies know that people buy goods based on emotion and not on the facts.

The same goes for most food products we find at supermarkets. These giant corporations want to make money and lots of it, not only for themselves but also for their investors. You only have to see what’s going on at WALMART to see all the greed at our expense. Yet the average Joe Doe still doesn’t get it. And the same goes on with all the pharmaceutical companies. Sound familiar or do you think I’m making all this up? As far as the food we continue putting in our mouths, someone needs to set the record straight to stop people dying of all these dreadful diseases.

We need to re-educate ourselves and put a stop to these unnatural causes. Unfortunately, we have been given the wrong advice right from the beginning and the worst part is that we are passing all this outdated information to our children who are also passing it on to their children. Do I actually need to go on? We need to rid ourselves of the typical doctor who unfortunately knows nothing or very little about health and nutrition and re-evaluate our lifestyle. In other words, we need to take responsibility for our own bodies and what we put into them. It’s as simple as that.

 Nuts are a good source of food we should be eating

Let us take a look at a few facts

Let’s take a look at a few facts and put aside emotion or logic for the time being because what is one person’s logic or emotion can differ altogether. The same goes for that much-used word “moderation’ because what one person sees as moderate, can also be noticeably different to another person’s version. Basically, there’s no such thing as moderation. The same can be said for addiction. We are all addicted to something. However, most of us are in complete denial when it comes to actual addiction.

They think that the word “addiction” only applies to a drug addict or someone consuming copious amounts of alcohol or a person smoking a tonne of cigarettes. While these may be highly dangerous substances, people are also addicted to lots of other things and not just the foodstuff.

Some people are addicted to fast cars while others are addicted to pornography. Don’t get me wrong, we are all addicted to something. Take me for instance, apart from being addicted to vegetarianism and a healthier lifestyle, I’m also addicted to chocolate so much so that I even tell people that I’m a Chocoholic. There’s no denial there.

Alcoholics are mostly in denial and continue their addiction. The only difference is that I can still drive home safely whereas an alcoholic may not be even able to drive at all. And while I may think that my one chocolate a day habit is taken in moderation, others may see it differently. That’s why there is no such thing as moderation.

 Hamburgers are not a good food source we should be eating

The food we eat and drink is highly dangerous to our health

The biggest thing I want to mention here is that there are lots of ordinary foodstuffs that are also highly dangerous for your health and wellbeing, yet we still consume these toxic substances and then just as quickly we run off to the doctor to ask about our problem – What the hell is wrong with my body –  it’s not performing properly.

Our doctor doesn’t have a breakdown of all the toxic foods we’ve been consuming over the decades. He can only diagnose our problem and then he can make a report. Often these reports don’t give us the complete picture. We need to stop putting all our trust in “doctors”. After all, they are not responsible for our predicament. All they can do is offer us advice which in many cases, often turns out to be advice that could ultimately end up to our detriment.

Doctors are notorious for prescribing medication or in some extreme cases, surgery thus at the same time, making a tonne of money whether we are on some kind of medical plan or not. Also, we have to understand that the big pharmaceutical companies are making huge profits at our expense too. Does this sound familiar to you?

What these people are really doing is trying to keep us alive as long as possible so that the money stream can continue while we suffer slowly and silently. And in the process, painfully too. You need to take more responsibility for our undoing and by that, I mean, eating and drinking the right foodstuffs. After all, this is the only body we have.

While this type of discussion is far from over I have no alternative placing a disclaimer simply because I’m only a nutritional guidance counsellor and not a registered doctor. This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Health Taboo or its members.

Processed Meat Products are not a good source of food

You are what you eat and drink

The Hunzakuts or Hunza people (pronounced Hoonzas) are an ethnic and indigenous tribe who live in the remote Hunza Valley situated in the Karakorum mountain range of northern Pakistan in a secluded region of the Himalayas. The Hunzas are some of the healthiest and happiest human beings on earth and they are also the most long-lived people on the planet. Their simple eating habits and lifestyle enable them to live well past the one hundred years, some even living as long as one hundred and thirty-five years.

But the most important part is that the eating and drinking habits of the Hunza people allow them to enjoy a near perfect mental and physical health, free of cancer, heart disease, high and low blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and most other ailments that plague the rest of the modern world.

Apart from apricot kernels, the basic components of the Hunzas eating plan, they eat fruit and vegetables (mostly raw) which consist of vegetables such as turnips, peas, beans, spinach, squash, potatoes and carrots as well as fruit such as apricots, (yes you got that one right) apples, pears, peaches, blackberries and cherries. The Hunzas also eat a variety of nuts such as walnuts, beechnuts, hazelnuts and plenty of almonds which they consumed either whole or processed into an oil using an old-aged technique passed down through the generations.

Whole grains are also part of the eating habits of the Hunza tribe and these consist amongst others of buckwheat, millet and barley. While this remote tribe may not be strict vegetarians, they do consume very little in the way of meat. They get most of their animal protein from milk, yoghurt, cheese and chicken. This lifestyle could easily be compared to a macrobiotic way of eating for which I will discuss in another article. This is only the beginning of a beautiful and happy life free of all the most common diseases western people face on a daily basis. Why wouldn’t you want to take a page out of the world from these humble people and discover a new world free of the dangers we face.

The Hunza Clan

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